Ritzelle Cayabyab

The Pet Effect Social

For 2018, we wanted to redefine The Pet Effect's approach
on how they engage with their followers on their social channels,
and gain new ones along the way. 


After thoughtful consideration and strategic planning, we crafted
a creative hook that revolved around "Pets with Benefits",
a concept that provides a means to creatively extend the life of any given fact,
through the exploration of relatable lifestyle moments and scenarios.


Another goal was to increase understanding that there are
physiological health benefits on both sides of the leash,
so we created two campaigns around shelter and service animals.


Shelter Adoption

To encourage our audience to rescue animals from shelters,
we built awareness surrounding the benefits pets have on humans.



"Adopt a Human"
We've put a twist on the iconic Sarah McLaughlin ASPCA commercials,
showing that adoption is not just for pets.



Service Dogs

We also raise awareness of the roles and health benefits
service animals provide to those suffering from PTSD.


In this video we show how PTSD service dogs help those who bravely protected us.


Client — Zoetis
Role — Art Direction, Branding
Agency — All Boats Rise, 2018